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Not a lot of stock is held but we sure know where to find it so we are worth a call. We will include items in this new web site as time allows
Flood Wash Pipes, Tanks And Fittings
We can supply all components for cow yard and feed lot flood wash systems. We have a good supply for discounted butterfly valves and can weld fittings into our tanks, can fit for example a 300mm PE stub (properly) for under $500 plus gst. Manafold in picture is $1200 plus gst as at June 2010
Giant Discs
Evans 20 inch discs 9 ft 6 inches wide cut, need new lever and cut angle pawl. 7 discs per side, needs a bit af a tidy up, we will cut off axle weight shortly.....$600 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD
Mattson Increment Borer
Swedish three threaded borer for tree core sampling, good condition, 6 inch No 4332, complete with instructions on use and care, new price $US262.00..........$poa...SORRY SOLD
Oat Crusher
Single phase powered seed or pellet crusher. Has no chain guard, has shute to run product into a bucket or sack, good solid stand, 1.5hp single phase motor with switch. Rollers about 5 inch diameter and easily adjustable, good well made machine......$200 plus gst plus cost of any guard.....SORRY SOLD
Pipe RX-P Alkethene
All sizes, pressures, types of pipe and fittings can be quoted for immediate delivery (except teleduct is one months delivery-made to order).......$poa
Promax Products
A large range of products including tanks for rain water, chemicals, diesel, milk, colostrum, molasses. Troughs and feeders, dog kennels and runs, tool boxes and truck boxes, culvert pipes, stormwater retention and detention tanks, paddock based round bale feeders, letter boxes etc etc etc....
Pump 2 Inch Petrol
New USA pump. Full details in another listing in Construction Equipment section........These all gone but other types available
Pump-piston 500 Gph 3ph
Pump straight out of work, estimated at 500 gph, no obvious brand, 2hp constant 3 phase motor, gland appears not to leak, long lead and 15 amp Rayrole plug.......$600 plus gst.......SORRY SOLD BUT HAVE MORE TIME TO TIME
SAME Explorer II 80hp Crash Bar
We have a pattern for a front crashbar for a SAME 80hp tractor with a Sigma Steel loader of 2005 era as ours was getting beaten about and we made one. Ours had two short 1 inch pipes upright to protect the front of the tractor and these were seriously lacking in usefullnes. Our bar is of modern curved styling with a small amount of basic engineering to mount. We will make these to order. You can weld one or two pieces of 32mm pipe between our 16mm plate steel uprights for extra protection if you wish. We put into each profile a hook to hang a chain on or to protect the 50 cal ammo box we welded onto the front tow pin with a bit of 60x6 flat mild steel. A very handy box as it turned out. Ammo box $20, Two plates and 4 bolts for crash bar $300 per pair primed. Gloss black spray can $10, SAME red spray can to repair existing damage $30
Saw Mill Engine
Leyland 6 cylinder 180 hp diesel ohc, hand clutch with reversing box....$poa
Sprayrite Regulator Control
Solid brass control, gauge glass missing, not tested but looks ok inside, fittings and hose clips included, comes with brass suction filter...........$80.00 plus gst
SAM by Coombridge And Alexandra of Hamilton, 2.5 ton approximatley, has two broken gears that need replacing, we can get this done, comes with dual wheels (in bin), as is....$1500 plus gst....SORRY SOLD BUT MORE AVAILABLE AT TIMES
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