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Anchors Stowflat
International patent holder for this folding grapnel anchor but now being made under licence. We carry stock but can also refer resellers to the NZ distrubutor. The Stowflat anchor does just what its name suggests. It lays on the deck no higher than the chain but when thrown overboard sets into its' working position without being touched. Stowing is a easy one handed operation. There are no pins or locks to set or loose. Stowflat grapnels are galvanised against the rigors of the sea. Three standard sizes are available with flukes in 8, 10 and 12 mm round bar.........Average Price $20 plus gst
Aluminium marine bellhousing with 2.2 inch set back to mate 9.25 pdc Paragon box to 17.5 pdc SAE engine eg Ford diesel.....$100 plus gst. Also have access to two Paragon mechanical boxes for marine or industrial use, situated in Hamilton.
Clutch Marine
Brass lever clutch suitable for small boat or industrial application.....$40 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD
Mooring Chain
Some 16mm and 19mm black chain in mooring type lengths available as supplies permit.........$POA
Two rubber marine mufflers, 150mm but have sleeves fitted to reduce to 125mm, 200mm diameter and 800mm long. Open to large offers on these.
Pot Hauler Hyd
Hydraulic pump with 12 volt dc electric clutch and vee belts, approx 3M hoses to adj width rope wheel and motor with control.....$800 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
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