machinery & marine
Boxford Faceplate
Faceplate and any other handy parts for Boxford metal lathe
Wanted a clock for a T34 tank
Diamond EP104 Chassis Hole Punch
Wanted electric/hydraulic sheet punch machine for the part we have not got
Dowel Borer
Triple head, single phase, treadle operated please.
Drill Rods For Big Rig
Several rods for truck mounted drill/auger, 4.5 inch with 3.5 API thread required, phone 07 8299651
Emco Lathe Parts
For Super 11 we need a 4 jaw chuck, a traveling steady, 2 fixed steadys, a 2MT live centre and tooling of all types. Could use a motor and switch gear for spares also thanks.
1200 x 1.2 stainless straight folder wanted. 2400 folder and 2400 x 2mm or 3 mm guillotine also
Folder Box And Pan 600
Bramley 600mm box and pan finger folder wanted ,with or without stand
Gas Bottles
All high pressure industrial cylinders wanted, oxygen, acetylene, argon, aluminium CNG etc. Must be owner bottles
IHI IS35G Excavator Digger Wanted
We need a digger to dismantle for a parts supply, or parts only. What ever we can find
Motor Starters
Electric motor direct on line and soft start switch gear needed including metal cased.
Parts Or Complete IHI Digger
I have a 3.5 ton mid 80's IHI GS35 digger that I would like to find parts or a spare machine for parts so I can keep the old dear working. Would be nice to have an engine, pumps, drive motors etc on hand if needed
Double ended polisher motor unit, 5 to 10 hp, prefer English make, with snubs, with pedestal if possible.
Pump 1000 Gph
Anderson, McEwans, Prices or similar 1000 gallon per hour piston "bulldozer" water pump wanted.
Rammer Clutch
Clutch or complete rammer compactor for parts wanted. Jumping jack foot (trench) rammer Yamamoto Type WB/D6. Pay for with free weekend at Tonga.
Sheetmetal Gear
Folders, rollers, guillotines etc
Swage And Jenny
Hand machine wanted to swage flues and chimneys on site. Crimping gear wheels need to be about 40mm long
Tanner 12 x 6 preferably single phase
Wanted Winch
Factory winch for my 1942 T6 International bulldozer. Same as TD6. Carco E or similar we believe . Want to keep machine original so now "adapted" unit wanted. It has just retired after 77 years working and we wish to give it a good home.
Winch 30,000 Lb
Hydraulic or PTO 30,000 plus to handle 60 metres of 20mm rope, pedestal mount, good condition
Winch For TD6
Wanted winch for T6, BTD6 or TD6 as my 1942 bully is retiring after 67 years of work and I want to give it the odd winch job to keep it alive and cover restoration costs
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