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Battery Chargers
Many amperages and voltages for sale, also trickle chargers and battery testers. 5A x 6/12V...$96. 11A x 12/24V...$184. 15A x 12/24V...$242. 20A x 6/12/24V...$420. 30A x 6/12/24/36/48V...$756. Trickle/Float charger 3.5-7A x 12V...$120. Tester push button 6/12V...$65. Tester twin dial heavy duty 12V...$170. all plus gst, 12 months warranty, 10% discount for COD sales
Engine Armstrong Siddley
Air cooled twin, 18 hp, crank start, just come in, cond unknown, supposed to be a good runner but injection gear away being serviced as has been sitting for years, will advise asap....$poa. As a foot not we have coming in a starter for these engines that are fitted with starter port and ring gear which this one is NOT.
Engine Lister 3
Air cooled 3 cylinder diesel, ex genset, some tinware and covers missing and no starter or starter position, sitting as spare overhauled shortblock engine for few years.........$poa
Engine Onan-Kohler 20hp
Onan petrol air cooled opposing twin, 18.5/20 hp, as used Ditchwitch and Lincoln welders etc, 3000 rpm +, oil pump and new filter, cast iron, coil ignition with electronic distributor, electric start,,has bellhousing and coupling and 60lt hydraulic pump, ex sissor lift, serviced and compression tested, can be supplied with remote control choke solenoid, runs like a dream but timing cover has fine cracks sealed with Locktite, Spare cover supplied but has no machining for charging coil. If you have the correct one spare let us know please.........$poa
Engine, Lombardini Single
Diesel air cooled 20hp off Lincoln 225 welder, no starter as start windings are in the welder, good runner up till welder stator spun out.....$1000 plus gst
Fleet Wash
1000 litre caged tank with approximatley 450 litres of fleet wash detergent, worth up to $12 a litre at automotive stores but naturally a lot less in bulk and is in a $200 tank........$800 plus gst
Goldseal Rustproofing And Underseal
We have recently had our Gipsy 4X4 repainted since it was last done 28 years before. Back then we had it Goldseal rustproofed as the Gipsy has a steel body and most had surcome to the red cancer. We have never done body repairs to the truck over the 28 years and found that the only rust was in two spots that had been missed back then. Without the Goldseal we are sure the vehicle would have been a major repair. We got The Goldseal Clinic to touch up the rustproof after they had removed the rust spot. They also undersealed the truck with their never-go-hard product. We are very pleased with the job and the cost. For details on automotive and industrial coatings phone Tim at the Goldseal Rustproof Clinic, 25a Northway St, Te Rapa, 07 8494496
Separate mechanical govener for welder or generator etc. New bearings and seal. Timing chain driven but could be fitted with a pulley. Bolts in to timing cover or onto plate. Either rotation. Complete with push rod.......$300 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD but more coming.
Jacks-semi Trailer
Two stands with 10 ton jacks a metre high to put under semi trailer or truck crate to lift clear. Basically tall hydraulic axle stands for the price of the jacks.........$200 plus gst
Mack Starters
Two starters in unknown condition for French Mack trucks, engine by Renault?, number on mounting flange 851318, number on tag on starter body of one 858??27/27 1996......$offers plus gst
Personalised Plates
4TANKS......$800 plus gst
Radiator Core
Brand new radiator core for Bedford J1 truck, still in its box with 1977 newspaper wrapping, good solid old stock 600 wide, 430 deep and 65 thick, weighs 12 kg........$poa
Roller Gearbox
Pedestrian S&P roller box for vibrator and travel........$300 plus gst
Steering Box Mercedes
2 x Mercedes 1418 steering boxs in unknown condition
Tipping Hydraulic Ram
Stubby multstag ram from under 3 way tipping Japanese import truck, suggest it would suit 2-3 ton truck, complete with gimble bracket........$500.00 plus gst
Tire Spreader
Very large for up to earth moving and truck tires.....$poa
Tow Hitch Cover
Cover for towbars with removable tongue, tidies rear of car up, plastic with 4 allen screws to fasten on....$10 plus gst
Trailer Car Mag Wheels
All new except for mag wheels and 185/70 x 14 tyres, reg and wof , 2400 x 1370 inside so a sheet can be carried with headboard up, 1900 total width, 1 tonne springs, drawbar 1600 long for easy backing, spare wheel on bolt on bracket so can be moved to in front of wheels, plug holder and D-shackle, factory coated 65x35 steel frame with quality UK "Hammerite" black paint, 20mm ply deck and sides with timber head and tail boards-all A3 treated, 3mm thick steel guards, top tie rail, 1&7/8 coupling but can change to 50mm, a very tidy and strong unit made well........$1300 plus gst
Trailer Humpback
No cert or reg, full air brakes, ideal for moving 10-12 ton heavy machinery behind tractor....$poa
Transfer Case
Transfer case from 4X4 truck mounted drilling rig, one shaft in and two out, single speed. 450 high, 250 wide, 200 deep. Suit another vehicle or industrial application.........$500 plus gst
Transfer Cast International 6X6
Case and shafting for ex Army Inter
Truck And Trailer Axles
Truck and trailer, 16 and 20 inch, dual and single
Wheel Rim Straightening Machine
A friend of ours has recently imported a new rim machine for mags and steel wheels. He has straighted a 17 inch ROH mag for usthat had the inner bead pushed in 100 mm ("the tyre just went flat" was the answer). Email us for his phone number.
Wheels And Tires
825 x 16 x 6 ply on widened heavy duty Morris commercial split rims with flat centres, 5 stud 6.5 inch pcd same as Landrovers, Rangerovers to 1995 and Gipsy, inwards offset 3 inch and outboard 6.5 inch.........$300 plus gst....SORRY TYRES SOLD BUT RIMS AVAILABLE
Wheels-Holden HQ
Classic spoke rims, two only, one needs rechroming.......$50 plus gst
Very old truck or tank wheels and solid tyres, pair on axle, not in our yard......$poa
Windscreen-D Series
Brand new in the box top tinted screen for D-series Ford truck. $POA
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