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Aircraft Part Gen-e-motor
Old Pioneer "Gen-e-motor" with 4 shafts at different speeds, prob Corsair or Kittyhawk, 4000rpm, type SP175, input 18 volt & 3.7 amp, output 450 volt & 0.06 amp.........$poa
Aircraft Pump
Old pump probably fuel ex Corsair or Kittyhawk, Chandler Evans (CECO) Conn USA, type H4E3-3, either rotation......$poa
Aircraft Pump Flange Mount
Cond unknown....$poa
Aircraft Pump Pedestal Mount
Thought to be ex aircraft, cond unknown....$poa
Ammo Boxes
Waterproof 30 calibre ex US army. 85 wide, 250 long, 170 tall. Ideal tools or shotgun ammo in the duck boat. $10 each, 5 for $40 or 10 for $65, all plus gst. Bigger ones available at times, please call with approximate size required. SORRY NO STOCKS AT THE MOMENT
Artillery Rounds WANTED
All types of artillery rounds, cases and projectiles wanted for my collection. I am a member of a NZ wide antique militaria club whos members are always looking for military firearms, swords, granades, badges, helmets, ammunition etc to preserve. If you have anything tucked away please email me and I will ring the appropriate person and get a value. Also want 25 pounder shell (already have brass case and fuse) and a straight telescopic sight, to go in the new RSL Club display on Norfolk Island.
Blackout Lights Jeep Etc
Ford 4.5 inch blackout lenses, new in tatty boxes and still grease wrapped 6-8 volt, as used on Jeep etc........$125 plus gst each
Blackout Lights Jeep Etc Close Up Photo
Close up of above
Bofors Parts WANTED
Any parts wanted for restoration of a WW III Bofors gun and trailer to tow behind our QL Bedford. Can discuss any military vehicle restoration in NZ till the cows come
Caterpillar Cleaner
Genuine antique Caterpiller steamcleaner. Steel flexi hose with cone plug that fits onto any exhaust stack and has a water hose fitted at wand so exhaust gases heat water for washing and degreasing. A rare and collectable item.........$200
Diff Guyant
Diff we suspect are from a Guyant military truck of second war vintage. Large offers accepted. SORRY has gone back to owner at Whatawhata
Diffs Tandam Military
Tandam drive and suspension in piece of chassis. Suspected to be out of Morris Commercial truck of about the 1930s, with one only 16 inch military two piece rim and two split rims, we do know of another two piece rim......$300 plus gst
Drill Round 4.5
Used cased drill round off NZ frigates Waikato, Wellington etc, strap for lid broken and base of case lost it's black outer, real weight......$150 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD
Drill-blacksmiths, Hand
Old drill with 1895 patents, half inch drill mounting hole with grub screw, hand down feed, suit good keen man, idiot or collector..........$50 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Free Wheel Hubs
Warn M148, Dodge and International 1 ton trucks 1968 to 1974, aluminium with brass turn keys, 8 stud bolt pcd 100.5mm with 11.2 holes, locating rebate 82.2mm, 21 spline 35.6mm od, bit of a scrunch to one but works ok........$poa...SORRY SENT TO THE GOOD OLD USA
Generator 2.5
Made by engine generator division of The Detroit Wax Paper Co, River Rouge, Michigan. Model AG2, 230 volt single phase, 11 amp, 50 cycles (NZ) at 1500 rpm. Not run for years since turned off on last job, turns ok with crank handle.........$500
GMC Parts
Front axle complete with springs and tie rod for 6X4 GMC army truck.....$250 plus gst. Also sets of piston rings different oversizes.....$150 plus gst per set....SORRY AXLE SOLD
Jeep Rolling Chassis RHD
4X4 chassis 90 inch wheel base, right hand drive Mahindra. Widened two piece rims with one bent. Steering column missing but box and relay there.....$500 cash
Jeep Steering Box For Above
Lamp Nato?
One only lamp, probably Nato ex forklift spares but used on all sorts......$poa
Level Harling London Old
A very nice historicl level in origional transit case with webbing carry strap, case needs revarnish and has crack in lid, longtitudinal bubble cracked and fluid gone, blackened brass construction, mounted on 1.75 inch thread..........$offers.....SORRY SOLD
Light Blackout Rim And Springs
Rim that holds in blackout lense on Jeep etc, complete with box of 5 retainer springs, all new old stock in original packets......$poa
Light Blackout Tail 6 Volt
Blackout tail signal, Has C (in circle)-84908-K, 6 volt, and under that another C (in circle)-84984-K, as used on Jeep and Indian......$10.00 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD
Live military vehicle weekend Oct 31/Nov1 2009, held on Kernot road off Bridge Road Horotiu (back of Perry's sandpit), access off River Road please. 9 to 3 each day, $10 or family $25. All military vehicles attending need to have posted an application form, doing it at the gate will not be accepted. So far 35 armoured vehicles coming including 8-10 tanks. Then there are Jeeps and others. Fuel sponsers and helpers needed asap. Proceeds to charity. WAS A VERY SUCCESSFULL AND POPULAR WEEKEND. ANOTHER IN A COUPLE OF YEARS IF WE DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE WAIKATO COUNCIL $1850 DOLLARS (WAS $2500) OF THE CHARITY MONEY TO ALLOW US TO HAVE THIS FUND RAISING EVENT ON PRIVATE LAND. NOTHING ELSE PROVIDED BY THEM.
Nato Parts Allsorts
Ex army forklifts, standard fixtures in many military vehicles, have enough 3 lever switches for everyone.........$poa
Nato Taillight
One pair only, spare red and amber lenses available, brand new old stock......$poa
Old Ammeter
20A DC, chrome over brass? mounted in original wooden box with "2 pound ten" written on the end, a classic old piece of antique garage equipment
Pintle Hook
Two only available, four bolt, unused old stock.....$poa......SORRY SOLD BUT HAVE A COUPLE NON SWIVEL ONES
Pool Table Felts
We have available many colours of used and new felt off pool tables for use in gun cases, on card tables etc. Usually $30-$40 each as weathered already for that desired used look. Worth $100 per metre new. Only one black Woodstock print avilable in NZ. Would look great on your card table. Could recloth 8x4 table but need to buy extra felt for cushions off us....$100 incl gst. NOTE: All pool tables (coin and domestic) and accessories available at wholesale rates
Propellor Pitch Motor
Curtis pitch motor, make good winch drive, 24 and 12 volt.....$offers
Steering Box Guyant
Told this is Guyant, cond unknown......$poa.....RETURNED TO SENDER
Trailer Deck Spen
Rusty but ok for pattern and good hardware to take off, 7 foot x 4 foot x 17.5 inches deep, complete with tailgate.....$80.....SORRY SCRAPPED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST
Trailer RL Bedford
Bought at Turners Auction years ago, needs tidy up, no reg or wof........$900.....Sorry sold
Trailer RL Bedford RJ
Needs tidy, not reg....$600 plus gst...SORRY SOLD
Trailer RL Lighting
Bedford RL type trailer with skid mount for generator (missing), needs restoration to go back on the road.......$400....JUST OUT OF HAMILTON ON WHATAWHATA ROAD
Truck Bedford MJR
1976 4x4, 381 Bedford diesel and 5 speed, GMC winch mid mounted with rear pull, 5 ton? HMF crane with two extensions, light trailer towbar certified and pintle hook, Reg and Cert, in use.....$poa....SORRY WITHDRAWN FROM SALE
Truck Parts Chev Puddle Jumper
Two rusty rolling chassis with extra wheels and tyres, some full tread, some rubbish, military bar tread, situated at Kaitaia plus 40 km Bob on 09 409 8883
Truck RL Bedford
Complete with canvas, runner, recent panel work worth $1500, not legal, near Hamilton, brakes done, chains....SORRY SOLD.......$4000
Truck RL Winch
Bedford RL with genuine under body Turner winch, not legal but has been road towed.....$poa
Tyre 10.5 X 13
WANTED one only tire 10.5 x 13 for Air Force 450 litre fuel trailer in South Island
Tyres Military
Four brand new bar tread Jeep tyres and tubes and five 900 X16 X 10 ply bar tread tyres and tubes BRAND NEW!!!!!!!!!!, not at our yard.....$200.00 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD
Vintage Meat Or Cheese Slicer
Very old enamalled and cast slicer, castins with ornate patterns, enamal worn and chipped on edges, printed in enamal is "Aufschnitt Schneic Maschille Westfalia Patent. This means cold cuts slicer ie; processed and pressed meats and/or cheese....$offers
Wanted Guns Etc
Would like to find militaria such as guns, vehicles etc
Wheel And Tyre RL
Two only 1100 x 20 tyres and rims for RL Bedford truck, one military pattern and one good retread....$400
Wheels 8.25x10
6 stud with 8 inch pcd, lugs to tie down cover, two piece rims, some rust....$deal.....THESE ARE 2 POUNDER WHEELS AND ARE SPOKEN FOR, SORRY BUT TWO MORE RIMS HAVE BEEN FOUND IN TARANAKI
Wheels Tank Or Apc
Rubber and aluminium road wheels, several available, Wanganui area.....$poa
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