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Welding & Plasma
Plasma 52
Cebora 3 phase plasma, new with full warranty etc, hf start, 40% at 50 amps, 100% at 32 amps, cuts steel 12mm and severs steel 16mm, 6 metre 70 amp Cebora torch, 180 lt air per minute (6 cu ft), special price reduced $800 to......$2500 plus gst
Weld Steel With Petrol
Honda on Italian generator/welder, 200amp and 7kva single phase, 20 metres of new 35mm lead and fittings supplied, roll cage, lifting lug, wheel kit, recoil start, very tidy. Replacement $4500 plus leads. Our price with warranty only......$1500 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Welder 180 Apex Slide Choke
Easily the best we have seen, setup for 400 volt 2 phase but will change over to 230 volt single phase, good 5M earth and 6M electrode holder leads, screw earth clamp......$500 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Welder 200A New
Single phase, dial amperage control, 6 available, approximate size 300X400X500, small wheels, welding leads by arrangment (only one has been set up with detachable 5 metre leads).....$poa
Welder Apex Plug-in 180
230 volt single or 400 volt 2 phase, plug in currant adjustment, hand cart trolley, good near new leads, metal top replaced by non rust type plywood sheet so tools dropped on top don't make a loud noise......$poa
Welder Cebora ISO MIG 454
New Art number 587 electronic Synergy pulse mig 454 power supply. No remote control or feeder. These available ex Italy. Ideal as spare or we can get the bits in for you and set up....$poa
Welder MIG 250
NOW THIS IS GOOD----New European made PROMIG 250 amp, 12 settings, heavy single phase needed, 230 volt for NZ not 220 or 240 volt for other markets, 40A at 16 volt to 250A at 26.5 volt, copper windings giving a respectable 135A at 100%, 160A at 60% and 250A at 30% duty cycle, gas and gasless, detachable DIN mount Binzel 4 metre gun, high flow argon regulator and reinforced gas hose, back burn and spot timers, gas purge and wire feed only modes, drive motor cast with steel gears not plastic, both rollers drive, graduated roller tension, spare roller, takes 4.5 to 20 kg rolls, double bottle straps and not single chain, written warranty, current model normally $2600 plus gst but reduced on order, other sizes available........$poa
Welder Mig Union Carbide
An oldy but a goody, Three phase VI-200 Union Carbide labeled Linde 200 amps @100% power supply ( equates to welders now days that are labelled as 300-350 amps ) with Millermatic two roller feeder on wheels, umbilical approx 5 meters and input cable 4 with 32 amp plug, 3 meter Weldmaster Scorpion 4 gun with many new parts, 3 meter earth lead with heavy duty clamp, strong bottle rack. Power supply has been fully serviced and feeder and gun installed professionally at a total cost of $695.00. Well worth the trouble and expence of restoration as it is a very heavy and solid unit and good for many years to come, a bit ugly but with these fully variable inductance and voltage controls ( not stepped ) and the smooth feeder it would be ideal from accurate light tube work to heavy structural work......$1500 plus gst
Welder Steadyarc 470 Amp
Two available, input leads but no output leads.........$poa
Welder-400 Apex
Big old welder that takes up half a pallet in area but will sit in your workshop and run 5mm rods non-stop till YOU drop. No fan in these because they don't need them. Leads and plug included.....$600 plus gst
Welder-belt Drive
200 amps at 3000 rpm, 4B pulley fitted, long leads, suit engine or tractor pto drive with speed step up.....$800 plus gst
180 amp welder, 3000 watts at 230 volt, 6,-12 and 24 battery charging. Just put on your car in place of alternator and it charges your battery untill you get that welding job or power tool need, hand throttle supplied, almost new, have had on on my 4X4 for 18 years, handy thing to have....$1000 plus gst
Welder-Young 220
Famous 2 phase stick welder in tidy order, on wheels of sorts, leads if required, heavy input lead and 30 amp plug, electric wof.....$600 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD
Welding Electrode Holder And Earth Clamp
300 amp electrode holder with allen key to fix it on cable.....$20 plus gst. 300 amp earth clamp.....$10 plus gst
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