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Airless Pump-proportional
Hindin Proportional beam airless pump for two pack products, has mixing manafold etc, specs to arrive soon......$offers plus gst
Compressor 10hp 40 Cu Ft
Speedline pump on single tank with soft start and solenoid unloader.......$1800.00 plus gst
Compressor AC41 Wanted
Broomwade AC41 pump only or parts for same
Compressor Airlet LE8
Atlas Copco 7.5hp with Neilson NSDA LE8 switch gear, have tank also but pump has internal rattle problem.....$poa
Compressor Broomwade AKN 13 15 Hp
Two stage sold on base plate without tank, just out of use, new crank seal 3 months ago, DOL starter, runs sweet, replaced with new rotary screw...........$1600 plus gst SORRY SOLD
Compressor PTO
Compressor for tractor 3 point linkage and pto drive, Italian made, air tank and hose reel, suit orchard pruning or batten staple gun, towbar on back for light trailer, in excellant condition but weathered paint, less pto drive shaft but we may have one come in soon.........$1000 plus gst
Compressors AC13 And AC20
Broomwade units just out of use, 2.2 and 5 hp three phase........$poa...SORRY 20 CU FT SOLD
New 2 hp compressors with a real piston and not just a plastic cup washer that passes oil into your paint and tires. Beware of immitations. Ideal home, farm and builder use. 12 months warranty from reputable importer. NZ hose coupling. Accessories available. Similar to photo.......$290 plus gst
Concrete Scablers
Triple scablers. A) CP later model with top handle and lever valve, Atlas Copco coupling....$200.00 plus gst. B) Triple head but one has tungsten tip missing and piston wired up, no valve....$40 plus gst. C) Pair of Holman, one with a couple of meters of hose and an Atlas coupling, other same but CP coupling, no hose and different valve.....$200.00 plus gst pair. D) Pair of CP with rotary progresive flow valves, one has side handle and plug in the top of one cylinder welded into housing......$150.00 plus gst the pair
Concrete Vibrators
Air vibrators are found in the Construction Section
CP 9 Versatool
A famous CP9 air chisel, concrete drill, hammer, terrier bolt setter etc. In first class condition with original case and hose, 12 to 15 cu ft of air needed, a rare find......$400 plus gst......SORRY SOLD
Dive Bottle And EOD BA Or Paintball Gun Cylinder Compressor
Bristol Duplex, 11kw 160 frame motor which has been put on in place of a diesel engine, outlets are 190 bar suit inflation 205 bar BA-DSSCCA and 205 bar 4250 litre bottle, in roll/lifting frame. Capacity of compressor with engine is 10 cu ft at 310 bar......$5500 plus gst plus engine if required. Situated in Auckland.
Nail Guns
Air operated nail guns can be found in the Contruction Section alphabetically under "N"
Paint Pot
Marquip 6 litre pot with new seal, regulator etc, new list price $670 but our ones only........$200 plus gst
Pump Sandpiper
Sandpiper air driven 50mm double diaphram pump SA2-A, type DA 3A.....$poa
Air driven pumps are still found in The Industrial Section under "P"
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