machinery & marine
Bosch Swage
Bosch 3 phase machine with wheels like a big can opener for cutting or swaging sheet metal, could have cripming wheels made up to suit....$poa
Chuck Drill
1-13mm chuck....$30.00 plus gst, 3-16mm.......$32.00 plus gst, Arbors to suit 2MT....$10.00 plus gst, 3MT.....$12.00 plus gst
Clamp Kit
Milling machine clamp kits, 10, 12 or 14mm bolt size kits available...$137 plus gst
Copy Attachment
Hydraulic copy attchment with power pack piped to it, power pack has Bema Duplicator, Beidil & Co Denmark, nothing on the head, clamp to fit column, don't know anything about this but think it is 3-D, more photos available.....$offers
Drill Pedestal
32mm capacity column drill, 3MT, lifting ring, tapping switchgear, tool removal mechanism, 6 speeds 80-145-260-375-710-1250, spindle travel 130mm, spindle to column 283mm, spindle to 380x300 table is 725mm, spindle to base is 1125mm, table travel 600mm, travel of head 250mm, 1 hp, 430 kg, coolant optional ($240 + gst) ........bargin at only $2800 plus gst....SORRY SOLD but may have a near new used one coming
Folder B&P 2400
A Speedline NZ Box and Pan folder, 2400 x 1.6 (from memory they were rated at 16 gauge), all fingers in good condition, arare opertunity to purshase one of these quality folders as now all over rated Asian imports, situated in Cambridge.....$5000 plus gst......SORRY SOLD
Folder Press Brake
1200 wide h frame press with central ram and air/hydraulic power pack, set up for folding sheet metal, vendor says 20 ton....$poa
Gear Cutter
Bevel wheel (gear) planer. Bucks and Smith Patent, made by Robey and Smith UK, patent dates 1900 to 1913 so built between 1913 and say 1920. Cuts bevel gears 4 to 20 inch, 4hp, weighs 3 ton, an engineering marvel, been under tarp for years and never looked at, will be a surprise, photos available........$offers
1200 wide, estimated 1.6 max mild and 2mm ali, 3 phase electric/mechanical, foot operated, at Cambridge.....$2750 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Guillotine 4 Ft Treadle
Old English sold cast iron treadle guillotine by AJ Morgan and Son, manual back stop, in good order, estimated as 18 gauge, view by appointment.....$2000 plus gst
Guillotine Treadle Sheetmetal 1320mm
Foot operated 1.5mm x 1320 wide "stepper" guillotine, near Cambridge.....$POA
Hacksaw Bramley
Fabricated type, 3 phase, coolant, auto lift on each return stroke....$poa
Hacksaw Horiz Metal Cutting
Small metal cutting bandsaw of 7 x 4 inch capacity we think, single phase, new blades in stock.......$250 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
ROH hacksaws, known as a quality NZ made saw, 3 phase two speed, 200mm capacity, not at our yard.....$2500 plus gst each
Jiffy Saw
Metal cutting hispeed saw, 10 hp, 600 blade,quick and efficient but it ain't the quietest of things. Sorry our two sold but know of others.....$1000 + plus gst and one with no motor, cheap. Also nave spare jiffy motor.
Lathe Boxford Parts
Boxford lathe basics, bed, headstock, tail stock, saddle, apron, cross slide and top slide, 3 phase motor and bracket, gear cover, Norton box, gears and lead screw (off another-no gaurantee all there), 3 jaw chuck, rebuild or parts....$250 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Lathe Chuck 210
Good quality 3 jaw chuck with outside jaws also, 6 bolt mount with 195 pcd, rebated mounting ring at 165 diameter, needs 14mm square key, we have just noticed that the chuck body is cracked from the jaw area towards the backing plate area and have discovered this appears common on this type of chuck.....$100 plus gst
Lathe HMT
1800 bc, 600 swing, gap 700, 50mm sb, 3 and 4 jaws, steadies, faceplate, 2 way tool post with 5 holders, foot brake, just out of use in Hamilton......$poa. SORRY SOLD...Sent a definate buyer in to the owners factory to look at lathe, his being happy at a cheap purchase price of $4000, we rang the owner to advise buyer was coming and they sold it to him for $2100, guess if they ever ring us they have decided $100 may be ours. Figure that out?
Lathe Lantaine
Lantaine LAM-350BH, Taiwanese not Chinese, double vee bed, 350 swing and 940 between centres, 178 over saddle, total length 1500, spindle 35mm bore and running in oil bath bearings, fully adjusable lever lock tail stock has spindle travel 92, width of bed 182, cross slide travel 160, tool slide travel 89, saddle travel 819, tail stock spindle 2 MT, speeds x 12 from 41-833 rpm, threads 24 metric 0.5-15 and 50 imperial 4-112, thread dail indicator, steadies and both chucks with outside jaws, handbook/parts list, 1 hp single phase with rev switch, 320 kg, lead screw 19mm, feed rod 22mm, indexing head that fits in outboard of spindle, had little use in retired gentlemans motorbike restoring workshop.........$2000 plus gst.......SORRY SOLD
Lathe Live Centre Set Large
Kit with assorted centres including pipe centres and male cones....$140 plus gst
Lathe Live Centre Set Small
Kit with assorted tips, most small....$120 plus gst
Lathe Live Centres
Lathe tailstock live centres, 2MT and 3MT...$45.00 plus gst, 4MT...$50.oo plus gst
Lathe Model Makers
Small ( less than 5 foot tall ) engineers lathe with 3 inch swing, 10 inch bc, 5/16 sb, 3 jaw and some gears, power feed, no motor......$400 plus gst......SORRY SOLD
Lathe Myford
Single phase ML 7 on good new home made steel stand with shelf, live centre and tailstock drill chuck, 3 jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, tooling, new belt. The four jaw chuck is to arrive as is perhaps a fixed steady. Backlash in cross feed screw bearing needs shiming, nut ok, price with 4 jaw, not at our shop, situated Te Rapa........$1500 plus gst ono
Lathe Pipe Center
MT2 x 100 $120.00. MT3 x 100 $140.00, MT4 x 150 $165.00. All plus gst
Lathe Stankioimport
Older strong metal lathe that was rescued from a company throw out, No 4 jaw. Said to be a runner but needs TLC first. Approx 350 x 850 with 34 SB. Gap bed, 4 way toolpost You need to view it.....$1200 plus gst
Lathe Turning Tool Kits
9 piece kits available in various shank sizes including 12mm....$160 plus gst, 16mm....$180 plus gst, Also 10mm 7 piece set.....$140.00 plus gst. Spare tip sets available 10mm...$50 (best quality, from Europe?), 12mm...$25.00 plus gst, 16mm...$28.00 plus gst
Lathe Turning Tool Kits 10mm
See above
Lathe V-10P
EMCO Maximat V-10P geared head engineering lathe, made in Austria to very high quality standards, known worldwide as the "Rolls Royce" of machinery. Manufactured May 1979 and still in excellant condition. On factory cabinate, single phase 2 speed motor .44 and .62kw, swing over bed 250mm, over saddle 190, over cross slide 145. Spindle bore 20.5mm, spindle will take L20 collets, distance between centres 700mm, 60 to 2500 rpm in 8 steps, Metric screw cutting 24 threads 0.04-3mm, imperial 24 threads 8-80 tpi, modual 0.2-1.0, includes 11 change gears and extra universal quadrant, 2 MT tail stock with live centre and chuck, 150mm 4 jaw chuck, 125mm 3 jaw and outside jaws, 190mm face plate, drive plate, fixed and travelling steadies, separate feed and lead screws, Norton type box, 4 way tool post on a top slide for taper turning, Amerian pattern tool post as well, splash and chip trays, spare drive belt (lathe is geared head), induction hardened bed in good condition, bottle of genuine headstock oil, owners and parts manuals.....$3000 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD TO A LUCKY MAN IN WELLINGTON
Mill Drill
3 phase, more details to follow from KM
Denby of England horizontal milling machine (no vertical head supplied but has mount position for it). Three phase with near new single phase coolant system. Main drives by flat belt but feeds modified to vee belts. All guarded. Tidy paint. Table 900 x 250. An oldy but a goody..........$500 plus gst.....SORRY SOLD
Milling Boring Heads
3 Morse taper, adjustable boring head for milling machines, 9 only 3/4 boring bars in the set ....$225 plus gst Also have smaller heads in 2,3 and 4mt with 12mm and 1/2 inch tooling, no yellow cases left so suppiled loose without case....$225 plus gst
Milling Collet Sets
For mill drills, either metric or imperial sets available, MT4 ER40....$260.00 plus gst. 3MT ER32....$250.00 plus gst. 2MT ER25.....$245 plus gst.
Milling Facing Cutter
MT2 $60.00 plus gst. MT3 $70.00 plus gst. MT4 $80.00 plus gst
Milling Machine Vertical
Mill with vertical head and no horizontal gear, dividing head and tailstock (damaged), more details to follow....$poa
Nibbler Attachment
Drill powered (cordless or power) sheetmetal nibbler attachment, not a shear but punches out a small crescent shaped peice, can nibble sideways to cut out say a rectangular rebate for a hinge, can turn cutter to 90 degrees to cut across a corrogated sheet with out back end of drill hitting on the up hill, mild steel 1.8mm, stainless 1.2mm, plastics 2mm cut, two double ended punches supplied..........$60.00 plus gst........SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Pipe Cutter
Gas pipe cutter, can be acetylene or LPG, crank handle winds unit around pipe, straight or bevel cut, fitted with new hoses, supplied with enough chain to cut 1 metre diameter pipe, more chain available, could be set up with plasma cutter for stainless or aluminium etc, new is $2500, our price only.......$250.00 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Press And Punch 17ton
Tatming of Hongkong inclinable in great condition, near Cambridge....$POA
Pressbrake 125 Ton
German Weiger AW125/35/H mechanical pressbrake situated in Hamilton, 1961, 3.6 x 2.6 between columns, 3m high and 3 m deep, new bearing in flywheel and running fine, 4 way bottom tool bar, weight est at 14 ton, at 90 degrees does 2.5m of 8mm, 1m of 12mm, 4m of 7mm, .75 of 15mm.....$12,000 plus gst
Pressbrake 125 Ton Tooling
Pressbrake 125 Ton Top View
Top view
Punch And Shear Peddinghaus
Details to follow, est 40 ton....$poa
Rollers For Plate
Situated in Auckland a set of rollers said to do 8 feet of 32mm plate, very heavy, rollers are almost a couple of feet in diameter....$poa plus gst...may be sold? please call to check....SORRY SOLD
Rollers Hand
1200 wide on stand, 70mm rollers, situated in Wellington....$poa.........SORRY SOLD
Saw Jiffy Cutoff
Situated at Te Rapa, details and photo to follow
Fein (German) single phase reciprocating saw with clamp for pipe. Can be hand held as sabre saw. Very expensive to replace. Comes in wooden case with book and spare blades..........$800 plus gst
Shaper 1 Ph
Very good machine which has been carefully overhauled but has become part of a property dispute, single phase but original 3 phase motor goes with it, also includes a vice seen in the next photo........$1200 plus gst. SORRY SOLD but have a large 3 phase one in stock
Shaper Boxford
200 mm stroke, vice and some J&S type tool holders, needs new vertical feed straight cut gear made but will rise by hand, cross feed OK, three phase but could change motor, nice tidy "modern" unit for those small jobs, situated Hauraki Plains.........$800 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Shaper Vice
Goes with shaper above....SORRY SOLD
Surface Grinder Russian
Grinder in good condition, surplus to requirements after a tool room take over in another company, mag vice 550 x 200, bed 880 x 200, on site at Te Rapa, we can arrange a visit for you. Price negotiable.
Tapping Machine
Herbert multi speed 90 to2945 rpm with bench height table and fabricated stand, 3 phase.......$1600 ONO plus gst
Tapping Machine
Brother Hi-Tap, at Hamilton
Trumph Plate Prep
Expensive pre weld plate bevelling tool, comes as in photo, no extra tooling.......$2000 plus gst negotiable
Vices Machine 150
New 150mm swivel base machine vices....$250 plus gst, some with tilt.......$290 plus gst
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