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Diamond Cable Crimper-new
Brand new Diamond electrical cable crimper at a fraction of replacement price from Japan. Suit power board contractor or switchboard manufacturer. Compact single phase over hydraulic hand held unit with multi size rotating diehead .........$2000 plus gst
Drill AEG
BZ22, 22mm in steel with 2 morse taper and 3/4 chuck, no load speeds 230 and 350 changed with switch, 660 watt continuous (just under 1 hp), in heavy duty stand, these were $2500 years ago and the drill on its own is ideal in a magnetic stand also....$1000 plus gst
NZ made in 5 sizes up to 4lb, we usually have these on the shelf or made to order in one week.....$20-$45 plus gst
We do not stock new Koken but purchase to order direct from the importer at significant savings to you.
Koken Socket Set
Set in top condition considering it could be 20 years old or more, square drive sockets (for turning square drive heads) in 1/4 drive, 3.4-9 and 3/16-1/2. Single hex sockets in 1/4 drive 7,8,10,11,13 and 1/4 to 1/2. Still has tatty cover envelope and foam packer inside. Lime green metal case. Used in refridgeration and other work.....$poa....SORRY SOLD TO KOKEN NZ FOR DISPLAY
Level Engineers M&W
Precision level which has had base reground for perfect accuraccy, 300mm long in box which has small damage to two top corners and a catch missing, level is fine.......$200 plus gst......Sorry this one sold but can supply new Starret for $270 (Dec 08) plus gst. Used ones available at times
Measuring Gear
Micrometers, vernier calipers, digital calipers, dail indicators, all boxed except dti, some plastic boxes damaged, prices are up to 60% off normal list. email for prices.
Puller Hub
Heavy duty puller to bolt to wheel studs or any other item with bolts and nuts.......$200 plus gst
Socket Sets 3/4
We have been selling this 27 piece, 3/4 drive metric/imperial, chrome vanadium, life time warranty socket set for 10 years and have never had a claim on a socket. We can supply Koken but see little point in it. Ranging from 22mm to 50mm and 7/8 to 2 inch these sets come with a sliding T bar, rachet, 100 and 200mm extensions and a metal case. Ideal mechanics, farmers and contractors. The price was $320 and we sold dozens, but the same set we can now supply for $240 plus gst, but sales have dropped to nothing so we thought we should put the price up to say $280 and sales would increase because people thought they are better quality and we would only have to sell 1/3 as many to make the same margins.
Spanner Set 16 Pce
In metric or AF, in 10 years have had two claims only, 16 piece to 32 or imperial version to 1.25 inch, metric set misses 16mm but available for $5, no catches or tricks just very good value.......$100 plus gst per set Also available 6,7,8,11,15,16,18,20,22,26,28,33,34,35,36,38,41,42,44,46,48,50mm from $3 to $80 each and then Aigo at twice the price to 65mm
Spanners R & OE
We stock ring and open end spanners in metric to 38mm and imperial to 1.5 inch. These are chrome vanadium and we give a lifetime warranty. Larger sizes to 50mm and 2 inch are available and from there on we can supply the more expensive Aigo fron Japan. For example a 25mm spanner is $12 plus gst brand new.
Spanners Whitworth
Some Whitworth spanners available at times....$2 up plus gst
Strapping Machine Fromm A333
Manual strapper for steel 12.7 to20mm, follow model A333 on the link from-pack ......$poa
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