machinery & marine
Range of electric motors, pulleys, belts, bearings, gearboxes, geared motors, sprockets, plugs and connectors including rayrole, pumps, tanks, conveyors, air rams, hydraulic rams etc
Fan Stainless 600mm To 500
Stainless steel 600mm tubular housing with 600 to 500 reduction on one end, 1.1 kw GEC 3 phase 1430rpm, needs bearings and we can fix, 8 blade plastic fan......$poa
Flowmeter 40mm Flowtec
Flowtec D1 652 Pulsemag V, PTFF, Ip66, PN16,40mm on 150mm flange, 325 long, electrode material 1.4571, K factor 0.9630/2, 80 degrees C. On Flowtec Variomag 240V, output 4-20 ma, IP65, 13VA/W, 50/60Hz, std/norm DIN, Meas range 53.33 OD M3/min..........$POA
Gear Box Reduction Lenze 80:1
Right angle box, good condition, very solid, 3/4 inch side plate mount, no feet, 28mm in and 48mm out shafts, ratio 80:1, shafts end drilled and tapped fot retainer bolts in approx 10mm and 16mm.......$600 plus gst.
Gearbox 12.5 Ratio
Wanted. Palmer or similar right angle reduction box 4 inch with 12.5 to 1 ratio, 1.25 shaft in and 1.75 out, preferably left hand and in good condition
Gearbox 7 Inch 15:1
This Holroyd and many others available in various sizes and ratios, please call with your request and we will call back as they are all over the place....$poa
Gearbox Dunstan Hydraulic Transmission
Variabl espeed Australian made hydraulic drive, s/n 70BC219, 1 inch shafts end to end is 600mm, diameter 250mm, has a tick noise once each revotution of input, worse when load off speed controller lever, don't think it is too much, perhaps a chip in the speed fork adjusting track....$poa......NOTE: we will not export this to anywhere but Australia and will not be paid by credit card.
Gearbox Electropower
Reduction gearbox 7.5 to 1 with shafts in and out in line, have another with 7.5 hp motor so quite strong, 83kg, 540 long incl shafts, box 300 long, 350 high and 320 wide. will bolt on a pallet we have of 6.7kg and 135X650X650 or could cut down to 480 wide.....$poa
Gearbox SEW R72A Small
Unused SEW Eurodrive Nos 2201 1274 991 2201. 14.08 to one. Shaft 40mm out and 22mm in, Motor PCD 165 x 4 stud.....$poa
Gearbox SEW RX97 4.9:1
Unused Sew RX97, Nos 22 04821 2001 01. Ratio 4.9:1. Shaft 50 mm and includes coupling for output (undrilled)and input (38mm), 265 PCD motor mount, 115 shaft height.....$poa
Geared Motor SEW 3kw
New SEW Eurodrive RX 71 DT100L4, 2201 3461 964 2201 Pos V6, 2.86 to one with 3kw x 1400 motor, 40mm shaft, 490 rpm.....$poa
Geared Motors Large Two
Two large units. One is grey Renold PF3 12PK1,mount B3, 24.52/1, 59.33 rpm, 900 long incl shaft, s/n 7251, Mobil gear 629, shaft 65mm, base mount 180 long and 250 wide. Excellant motor GEC HE132M, 7.5 kw, 1455 revs, 14.2 amps.....$1800 plus gst The other is a blue Electropower 25.15/1, 57.65 rpm, 750 long, base mount 275 long and 225 wide, shaft is 38mm. Motor is Teco 5.5 kw, 1450 rpm, 132S frame, 11.4 amps, new motor bearings and seal, no oil........$1500 plus gst
Genset 55kva
Bedford 380, radiator mounted on nearside with electric fan, switch boards, more details to follow. test run and load tested, $500 spent on engine management system upgrade.Radiator can go back on engine, needs waterpump seal to be perfect....$7500.00 plus gst
Heater Spitfire AER15 (DC15)
Diesel or kerosene, single phase power for fan and ignition, hand book, ideal workshop or small to medium hall,17.5 kw, 350 m3/hr, 70,000 btu, 17000 kcal/hr, 1.8 lt/hr, tank 16 lt, fan 180 watt, 24 kg, socket for thermostat or timer, auto flame out stop, 366mm wide x 885mm long x 500 mm high.........$700 plus gst...SORRY SOLD but can get new ones
Hose Stainless Braid 75 X 2380
Paykel Engineering Supplies, 200x90x16 3PN16 flanges in 316 SS, 8 x 17.5 holes at 160 pcd, 100mm od, S/S braid over S/S bellows, 2000kpa test, made 3.8.99 but been sitting for years in storage, used but top cond, BS 6501 spec.....$poa
Hydraulic Power Pack On Tank
Used unit put on new tank and not completed, must move building so is up for sale, sitting for 3-4 years, to arrive....$poa....SORRY SOLD
Hydraulic Power Pak
3 hp, 3 phase motor and bellhousing coupled Sunstrand pump on tank with 24 volt dc remote control two way solenoid valving (no step down transformer supplied), two hoses approximatly 1.5 metres long each and gauge on a third hose. 27 litres per minute based on 15 ml per rev at 1400 rpm......$400 plus gst......SORRY SOLD BUT OTHERS AVAILABLE
Hydraulic Rams
Used on one construction job only, 4 available....$poa THESE ARE SOLD BUT OTHERS OF ASSORTED SIZES IN STOCK
Hydrodrive Vari Carter
5 hp variable speed drive from bakery oven, 400 diameter and 600 long, Tauranga.....$1000 plus gst
IHI Digger Pump Replacement Conversion
We have replaced our IHI excavator main pump with one from another brand as our IHI IS35G appears to be a bit rare. Quite a simple conversion and we are going to write a proceedure manual which we can pass on for a small fee
Kohler Engine
Brand new old stock 16 hp electric start engine, still has seals over carb etc, suit Power Pony etc.....$1000 plus gst.....SORRY RETURNED TO OWNER
Lazer Line Generator
Limab model Octoline 7 LD, output +7mW, wave length 635nm, from Wilson Engineering Systems,, puts long line down log in saw mill or similar, 220 volt, on adjustable sliding pole bracket.....$poa
Lights Hibay Green
High bay balasted lamps, single phase, efficient use of power, to be cleaned and tested, 25 available, ideal workshop or store.......$poa
Lights Highbay Large
High bay and balasted for efficiency, single phase, would look good in a new building, to be cleaned and tested by registered electrician.....$poa
Lights Lowbay
Very efficient low bay lamps with built in balasts, ideal for 12 to 20 foot height, just removed form running situation in building due to be demolised, just plug into single phase and away they go, de-dusted and tested, several available.......$80 plus gst each
Lister 3 Cyl 20 Hp
Air cooled electric start, marine mechanical forward and reverse step down box, marine bearer mounting brackets, runs sweet, more info and photo to follow....$poa
Motor 1.1 Kw
Brand new Crompton Greaves, 1.375 hp, single phase, 2800 rpm, 50 hz, 7.2 amps, ambiant temp 40C, drip proof, cap start-cap run, B56 frame, shaft centre height 90mm, steel fan cover, 3/4 shaft with 3/16 keyway, bolt pattern 110x75 with first row approx 70mm from inboard end of shaft, total height 250mm, total length 330mm.......$250 plus gst
Motor 1hp, 4 Inch Box And Brake
Motor 1 hp 3 phase driving a 4" 60:1 right angle box with Dupar type electric drum brake on worm shaft, at PH's.........$600 plus gst
Motor 22kw 1460 Rpm
Crompton Parkinson 22kw 4 pole C180M frame motor> Also Teco 180L frasme 37kw 2800 rpm ,motors not at our yard but 10 minutes away....$poa
Motor Synchronous 10hp
Seimens Schuckertwerke AG, D Mot R59C-4, Nr E 78386, 230/380V, star/delta, 28/16.3A, 7.5kw, 1425 rpm, cos 0.82, 50Hz, 158V X 30A, P21. All appears to be in good order, ste of 6 and set of 3 wires going into motor, brushes appear fine, 500mm long plus pulley.........$poa
Motors 4kw
Five only 4kw 6 pole (970 rpm) ASEA motors.....$250 plus gst each
Motors And Gearboxs
Just one of many available, call us with your hp and ratio requirements....$poa
Electric motors to 100 hp in stock. Can source bigger motors from NZ and Australia. Call with your requirements please.
Packing Strap Steel
16 mm by don't know how long size, appears zinc coated but spots of light rust on the edges in places, 5 coils available....$poa
Pulleys Rope
Crane or winching etc.....$poa.....RJ
Pullveriser Hammer Mill
20hp pullveriser with hammer mill type flails and variable feed motor, more follows
Pump Stainless 3 Inch Chopper
Dropped here from deep south for man up north to collect one day, normal sort of non profit thing we do, now appears to be too big and does not need to be stainless for destined job so will sell it and send him smaller cheaper one and get some money out of the deal. He does know about this by the way. Specifications are not known but wingnut disassembly to clean........$poa....SO NOW WE KNOW THAT IT IS NOT FOR PUMPING MUSHY PEAS BUT IS AN ANTI -FROTHING/CAVITATING MILK TANKER TO FACTORY TRANSFER PUMP
Pump Stainless Lobe 2.5 Inch Fittings
Made by Eastborne of UK, Size 300ND 2hp, 12.95:1 gearbox, 110 revs........$2250 plus gst
Pump Wash Down 5.5hp SAER
Italian SAER 4kw high pressure pump. New in 2004 and recond 2007 according to man we bought it off. Ex cooling tower. Type IR32-200NC, 40 in 32 out flanged, IP55, 6 cu m (1530 gal) per hour at 43 m head (65psi) and 25 cu m (5550 gal) per hour at 30.7 m head (45psi), weight 47kg, replacement $1386 plus gst, our special only.........$600 plus gst
3 inch in and 3 inch out direct coupled centrifical Kiwi Perfecta NCP GR8 200LP pump with English Electric 1440 rpm 3 hp 3 phase motor, 113 gpm......$800 plus gst ono
Pump-3hp 1ph
Davies K3B centrifical pump, 40mm in and 32mm out, 3 horse power, single phase, ideal wash down or transfer pump in the biggest singe phase motor size available, excellant condition.....$300 plus gst
Pump-Ajax 3KS
Ajax 3KS (S dictates high flow) series B centrifical pump with cast iron impellor direct coupled with CMG 11kw (15hp) motor on steel base plate, 2940 rpm, 4 inch in and 3 inch out, do not know diameter of impellor but std is 203 x 28.5mm. New parts available KSB-Ajax.....$1600 plus gst
Pump-submersible Plastic
25mm, single phase with float switch, used once, still in box, ideal milk, pool or sump....SORRY SOLD BUT 12 volt available new for same price also.....$250 plus gst
Pump-vacuum Shaft Coupled
Two hp 3 phase....$poa
Pumps Submersible 8 And 6 Inch
Stored in container up our road, still trying to find plates on these but are heavy and some 3 metres long, ex coal mine....$poa
Reduction Box Air Drive
Gast air motor on 3 inch 30? to 1 reduction box, brand new, 3 available, 1 at our shop, similar air reduction hone units also available.......$600 plus gst
Screen Rotary 250mm
Stainless steel with nylon sprocket and bearings, 250 diameter and 700 long.....$poa.....SORRY SOLD
Straping Machine For Steel
Fromm band straper and crimper for timber packets etc, IWD Straping Sales Pty Ltd.......$offers
Trolley Platform
Sold angle steel and thick timber deek 650 x 1320, 100mm rubber casters on end and wheels in centre, head board but no tail board.....$100 plus gst
Valve Fisher
Brand new, Actuator-Fisher of Canada, size 30, type 667, bench set 6-12 psi, travel 3/4 inch. Valve-type YD, 1 and 5/16 port, all stainless, rating CL600-1440 psi CWP, Fisher air gear needs new gage.....$poa
Valve Keystone 80mm Air
Threaded 80mm (3") stainless air actuated valve with open/shut indicator and control valve........$400 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Valve Nucon Rotary Powder
Nu-con valve in good cond, stainless top entry and both sides/ends 100mm exit....$poa
Valve Sauter 65mm
No actuator, unused flanged two way valve, details to follow
Nu-con, 250 long and 200 diameter, motor mounting plate, wrong photo....$POA
Valves Rotary 200 Intake Ss
Four valves in stainless, 200mm round duct onto 250x 280 (inside flange) on top and 285 round swaged duct on to 285 ID round flange on the bottom. Rotor 325 long and 350 in diameter, 3 phase, a fraction of replacement price at.........$3000.00 plus gst
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