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Winches & Hoists
Winches and hoists of all description will be showen on this site as time permits. PTO, electric, hydraulic, hand etc New and used available, not all items shown, contact us for any inquiries pertaining to materials handling.
Chain Block Trolleys
New made in Japan quality, certified 1 ton, adjustable width monorail push trolleys for RSJ beams. Half price at only.......$150 plus gst. Sorry all sold, new ones from Taiwain available at very good prices.
Forks For Machine
Forks by Rotech of Taranaki, do not know what they fit yet, not 3 point linkage anyway
A range of forks only to fit to front end loaders, payloaders etc.......From $200 plus gst for a pair of 2 ton to $1000 plus gst for a pair of 10 ton.
Hoist Elephant F100
One tonne 3 phase Japanese made hoist with 6 metre lift, good chain and new bottom hook, 4.3 metres per minute lift. All tested and serviced.......$1600 plus gst
Hoist Futaba 2T
Good FS-EH hoist with 5M lift single drop chain and 4M x 24 volt remote, 6M per min lift, has recoil input cable reel included but needs new cable as original rubber is perished, included is near new Australian Titan brand push trolley for 90mm to 210mm RSJ, hoist checked and serviced, ready for work...........$2000 plus gst
Hoist Futabo FS-EH 2 Ton
Japanese three phase two tonne hoist and electric powered trolley with 3 metre lift double drop chain, higher lift available at $100 per metre of lift (must have whole new chain at $50 per metre x 2 for double drop, NOTE: hoist can be set high in building with a standard lift chain extension underneath but lift travel will be only 3 metres max). Comes with PDL plug and several metres of supply cable on carry rollers.........$3000 plus gst.
Hoist Hitachi 1BS
Three phase chain block, 4.6 metres/minute, just been checked and electrical cert done, remote is there but buttons not working. Could replace with wires at cost of around $160. Switch on wall may suit lift or other application so have not bought one yet, also chain is short and will get new one at $50/metre as customer lift requirement is known, no chain bucket, hoist as is.........$1000 plus gst
Hoist Morris 1 Ton
Morris of UK, 3 phase, one ton, 3 metre lift, double drop chain, low voltage control, brake pad excellant, all checked and sweet, two new contactors due to water ingression just before we got it. We should not have fired it up but no one told, the contacts sparked and it was all over........$1500 plus gst
Hoist Morris 3ton Hand And Trolley
Older but compact hand chain block with chain driven monorail trolley, all with rating labels and set to go........$600 plus gst
Hoist Morris Whangamata
An example of our range of electric and air hoists is this fish lifting machine on the Whangamata wharf. Asked for a suitable hoist we put in all parameters and came up with the most suitable unit for the job. Morris UK made, IP55 insulation for outside use, 6 metre lift at 8 metres per minute (twice that of other hoists to keep the fish fresh), single phase for simplicity and at cost price because my dad lives there and drinks their ginger beer. Then they still did not mention us in their newsletter. CALL US FOR YOUR NEEDS!!!!!!!!
Lever Blocks 5T Yale
Two 5 ton lever blocks made by Yale in good olde England, 1.5 metres travel, lift or pull anything........$300 plus gst each or $500 plus gst the pair
Pallet Forks
Multi fork with balance spring system, not certified, 1150 wide, 6 adjustible spacing forks of 20x48 bar on edge and 1000mm long, 1150mm under beam and total hook height 2100mm.....$1000 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Ridge Gear Arrestor Winch
Ridge Gear brand safety arrestor reel/winch, CE0086, EN360, Model No R12 A1 or could be RR A1, 15 metres wire rope, where most fall devices stop you this will stop your fall "gently" and enable your work mates to lift or lower you after the event, most units lower only, others do nothing and need outside help to get you down, NZ agent Focus Safety 09 415 4932, only $1947.00 plus gst new, our special price to save your life only $1200 plus gst
Factory winch for Internatioal T6 or TD6
Winch And Lift Rams Blue
Hydraulic winch, lift rams and headboard ex recovery truck, valves, tank and filter........Buy for winch price $2000 plus gst....SORRY SOLD BUT KHOW OF MORE IN HAMILTON AT $2400 PLUS GST
Winch Brevini Hydraulic
Italian made quality winches from 3600 kg line pull, roller fairleads, total release multi disc brakes both in and out, manual or air free wheel clutches, high line speeds, rope tension plate, industrial not automotive strength, wide and narrow drum versions......Prices as at 2.2.9 3.6 ton $3495. 4.6 ton $3595. 6.6 ton $4595. 7.6 ton $4895. 9.0 ton (hi pressure 7.6) $5295. all plus gst
Winch Garwood Bare 12,000 RJ
May be 20,000lb, these older winches are measured at an industrial rating not automotive as many are now.......$2000 plus gst
Winch Hand Braked
Available in a number of sizes this stocked one being a BHW-1200, 545kg pull, holds the load when the handle is released, lowering by use of the handle, no nuckle dusting free wheel, baked enamel and plated finish, no rope on the winch but we can supply to your requirements.........$110 plus gst. Also three sizes available in stainless steel. 270, 400 and 600kg lift........$390-$795 plus gst
Winch NZ Made Ex 4X4 Pto
These are a very strong winch with fabricated gearbox not cast, rated at 8,000lb but better than that. 3/8 rope and 3" worm and wheel. Would convert to hydraulic for wreccker or tilt deck and be reliable....$poa
Winch Over Driven Pto, With Capstan
Bare winch probably NZ made Taylor ex power board truck......$2000 plus gst
Winch Parts
Kitset winches, Taylor and Garwood....$poa
Winch Ramsey H800 Hydraulic RJ
Had little use by looks of rope, drum 380 wide, brake to end of motor 700mm, frame rails 800mm long....$7000 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Winch TD9
Two available at Whatawhata....$poa
Winch Towed Tractor Pto
Contractors machine with bulldozer winch and big ground anchor spades, tractor towed and pto driven, big wheels for on soft ground, just had check over..........$4500 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Winch Tulsa? Hyd 12-20,000lb RJ
Complete with valve and some hoses, estimate 20,000lb intermittant.......$5000 plus gst
Winch-box And Drum Only
Right angle box and drum, estimate 10,000 pound pull, no free wheel, suit pto or hydraulic drive.......$500 plus gst
Winch-compact Hydraulic
Rigging style winch with built in hydraulics and brake. Looks a bit like a bulldozer winch. Probably Gearmatic USA. Capacity is unknown but comes with full drum of 11mm x say 80metre rope, estimated capacity 10,000 pound pull or 3,000 pound lift. Dimensions 450 long x 300 diameter........$3000 plus gst....SORRY SOLD
Winch-electric 8000 Superwinch
Superwinch brand true 8000 pound Husky worm drive 12 volt winch in top order and complete with roller fairlead. Parts and service available for this famous brand USA product.......$1800. View model by clicking on superwinch
Winches Hydarulic New
We can supply a range of hydraulic winches to complement our electric versions. These are made in Taiwain not China and hav German Danfoss motors, they come with roller fairleads but no rope 8 and 10,ooolb weight 37kg, 12 and 15,000 weigh 70kg, .....8000lb-rope 10x40m-$2300 plus gst. 10,000lb-rope 10x40m-$2500 plus gst. 12,000lb-rope 12x40m-$ 2950 plus gst. 15,000lb-rope 14x27m-$3150 plus gst
Winches Hydraulic
Winches ex transporters, 10,000 to 15,000 pound line pull, we have no flow or speed info.......$1600 plus gst....ONLY ONE NOT SOLD IS THE LEFT FRONT ONE
Winches Superwinch Hyd Planetary New
15,000lb-$5300 plus gst. 30,000lb-$12,000 plus gst. Smaller sizes available. These are top quality winches from USA and very compact. Do not come std with fairleads or rope. Trade prices are worse. Go to
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